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Review of Freeblood by Marny Copal

Secrets and lies have surrounded 21-year-old Quinn Zauber since a vampire killed her mother and brother a year ago. Jo-Jo Huang, her best friend and roommate, has offered steady support, even going along with Quinn's crazy ghost-hunting schemes. Now Jo-Jo has been kidnapped, and clues point to an audio recorder the roomies placed in Portland's notorious underground tunnels.

With her naïve cousin Kasey riding shotgun and an old attraction, paranormal investigator Del Whelan, imposing his own brand of help, Quinn searches for Jo-Jo, fights supernaturals, and strives to keep her horrible secrets under wraps.

What Quinn doesn't realize is that her witch bloodline makes her of special interest to one of the deadliest vampires around.
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I’m not exactly sure where I stand with Freeblood. It was one of those novels where I found myself both in love and not in love (conflicted, that’s the word I’m looking for). Yet, I still did enjoy the idea of the novel and the two categories for humans who drink vampire blood. Humans who drink from the same Vamp three times in a row are Fastbloods and humans who drink from different Vamps are Freebloods. That being said, I can assume that you know what category our main character Quinn stands in right? No? Look at the title *la smiley face*. I also didn’t really know what to expect from Freeblood from what the synopsis told me, it sounded a lot like Crusade but after getting into the plot I learned that this novel was far from dystopia.

It begins with a fast paced opening where the main character, Quinn, watches as her roommate/friend/fellow ghost hunter, Jo-Jo is kidnapped by a group of vassals (which are basically Fastbloods). After that point on in the novel we watch as Quinn and her younger cousin Kasey go on a wild hunt to go and find Jo-Jo before something bad happens to her.  I enjoyed the high amount of detailing in the novel. I was able to imagine the Cowboy Vassal and the setting (not to mention Quinn’s Jeep that everybody hates for some unknown reason). What I didn’t enjoy about Freeblood was the character Kasey and how the pace would sometimes falter and leave me with my attention elsewhere… And that bites. (Hardy ha-ha very puny!).

But I did enjoy the way author Marny Copal managed to put a new twist on the vampire world. These vamps aren’t the sparkly hotties from Twilight and they aren’t full of teenage angst. These vampires mean nothing but business and care about personal gain and their Sibb. The other new twist that I found interesting was that a stake to the heart doesn’t kill Copal’s vampires, but instead just immobilizes them. And after watching Quinn fight groups of vassals and the way she remembers killing the vampire Naomi, Quinn Zauber managed to remind me a lot of Buffy (and I am pretty sure that you all know what I mean by that).
I would recommend this to fans of the vampire genre as well as fans of the supernatural (there is so much magic and supernatural beings in the novel). A fun read.


Unabridged Bookshelf said... Best Blogger Tips

I loved Freeblood, but I understand exactly what your saying. I really liked the twist on the vampires that Marny did, because no one wants to read the same book written a million different ways. Great Review!!

Tiffany Mahaffy said... Best Blogger Tips

It's so hard to write reviews when you are on the fence about the book. Well it is for me :) You however did a wonderful job!! I llike when authors find a new way to twist Vamps. Makes the book a little better for me!

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