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Blog Tour: 2108: Eyes Open by K.L. Glanville - Review with Giveaway

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2108: Eyes Open by K.L. Glanville
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It’s the year 2108. I just turned 16. That means I can access the autopilot on my Aerokopa. So now, I can both fly and scope the Dat-X at the same time. But what good is that when I don’t even have a date to my best friend’s party of the century? Okay, well, one of the Holdouts offered to go with me . . . but there’s NO WAY I’m going with one of them! And then there are the Trollers docked at the quay. They’re most likely spies working with the Aliens, bringing nothing but trouble. But with this visit, they may even bring war. It would be treason to talk to them, let alone . . . befriend one. But what’s a curious girl to do? Did I tell you I have a propensity for trouble?

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If there is one genre that I absolutely adore for its creativity it’s Science Fiction, or what you guys know as sci-fi. But what makes sci-fi even better is when it has a bit of dystopia in the mix. I have been yet to find something of the sort up until I read 2108: Eyes Open (and it’s a series! Yay!). Placed in a world where aliens have touched down on our planet and invaded, the only safe place for people who don’t want to become Bionics is New Zealand where our curious main character, Jewel, finds herself in a really really risky position.  

I went into the novel blind, the back of the novel didn’t tell me much and I expected the novel to be much like other sci-fi novels—or it would be a lot like Startrek. Well, after going past the first two chapters I was struck with the realization that this novel would be nothing like my imagination. Not only was there teenage drama (still! Almost ninety years into the future teenagers still have drama!), but there were still common teenage worries that Jewel experienced. The main one being finding a date for her best friends’ party.

Queue the totally hot, Bionic boy who was literally brought to Jewel by the ocean. Forge was a futuristic guy who would have every female reader crushing on him...hard. He can breathe underwater, is incredibly strong and was still sweet and wanted something that everybody wants; privacy. When I was first introduced to Forge, I found him interesting, especially because of all the tattoos on his face, each one indicating something in an alien language. Now, despite having read the description in the novel—I had a clear idea of how he was supposed to look because of the illustrations in the novel.

You heard me correctly: illustrations. In fact this was the first YA novel I have read that had illustrations.  When I came across my first one, I was completely shocked. But, I am proud to say that I loved them. It felt like they gave the story so much more depth and made it so much easier to picture all the technology, people and details of the future. As the novel progressed, I noticed that we came across so many twists and turns that it was almost crazy. And I loved that most about the novel (#truestory).

I would recommend this novel to somebody who wants a futuristic dystopian that they won’t soon forget. Fans of science fiction and romance will definitely love the novel. And just in case you find yourself confused with the futuristic teenage slang, there was even a nifty little dictionary at the back of the book, which I thought was completely “natch”. (Which I believe means “cool” in K.L. Glanville’s 2108 world).

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Sci-fi isn't normally my thing but you make this sound not too bad :) If I see a copy I may just pick it up :) Thanks!

Denise Z said... Best Blogger Tips

Well this title certainly sounds unique. Thank you for sharing.

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