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Review of Unwelcome (Archangel Academy #2) by Michael Griffo

Lesson 2: The people we love most may be the ones we know least. . .

Archangel Academy is more than a school to Michael Howard. Within its majestic buildings and serene English grounds, he's found friends, new love, and a place that feels more like home than Nebraska ever did. But the most important gift of Archangel Academy is immortality. . .

Life as a just-made vampire is challenging for Michael, even with Ronan, an experienced vamp, to guide him. Michael's abilities are still raw and unpredictable. To add to the turmoil, the ancient feud between rival vampire species is sending ripples of discord through the school. And beneath the new headmaster's charismatic front lies a powerful and very personal agenda.

Yet the mysteries lurking around the Academy pale in comparison to the secrets emerging from Michael's past. And choosing the wrong person to trust-or to love-could lead to an eternity of regret. . .
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Alrightie then! The second novel in Michael Griffo’s Archangel Academy series (and I am starting to love all the “UN*insert word here*” titles. Very rememberable if you ask me) which I have been looking forward to reading for the past few months. After the note that Unnatural left off on, I was sure that Griffo would give us something that would top the first novel and become unforgettable. But before I get into what I love love loved about the novel, I want to bring up the one issue I had.

The only thing that I didn’t enjoy about the novel was all of the sexual content between Michael and Ronan. It felt overdone and it made me really uncomfortable really, really fast. It wasn’t like it was descriptive or anything, it was just that there was a lot of: They made out and then they did “it” or he was naked and then Michael got into the shower with him, scenes. That being said, the second Archangel Academy novel might only be for those who don’t mind the repetitive amount of “those” scenes. If you catch my drift.

However, I did find the constant romance found in the novel admirable. Not only did Griffo get into the growing relationship between Fritz and Phaedra, but he also showed that love is in the air for almost all of the characters. Should it be Nakano and his French lover boy or Michael and Ronan, romance definitely played a major role throughout the novel. Which I loved (kind of punny, no?). But not only was there romance but there was also the constant use of the challenges that couples have to go through to become stronger. Hint, hint, I am talking about Ronan and Michael. And it isn’t just romance that is messing around with their relationship, it’s also Michael and his adjustment to being a water vamp/vampire hybrid (which played a key role in the novel as well) and the regular vamps who want to know the secret to walking in the daylight.

As if things couldn’t get any worse for the water vamps at Archangel Academy, there’s a new headmaster with dark secrets of his own. And he isn’t human. Not one bit. He’s David Zachary a.k.a. Brania’s father a.k.a. the big bad head vampire in charge of the normal vampires a.k.a. the guy who wants nothing more than to see all of the water vamps dead. I feel like I’ve forgotten to mention that he’s a total creeper. Yeah, there’s that too.

As the novel progressed, I found that the novel would begin to go into backstories of most of the vampire characters like Brania and David. Personally, my favorite is Ronan’s flashbacks of the night that his father was burned. And throughout the novel Edwige would also bring up the subject of her being raped as the reason behind Ciaran’s existence (this felt like a really deep part of the novel).

Secrets were unveiled, characters true intentions were established and I was finding myself falling deeper into the world of Archangel Academy. If you loved the first novel in the series you won’t be disappointed with the sequel. I know that I can’t wait for the third novel (which I am reading as we speak *la winky face*). Oh and “go team water vamps”!!!


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Great review!

I haven't heard of this series before so I checked out book 1 Unnatural on Goodreads, and it sounds pretty good. I might have to add it to my TBR list. :)

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