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Review of Possessions by Nancy Holder

The It Girl meets The Exorcist in this chilling, haunted boarding school tale

New-girl Lindsay discovers all is not right at the prestigious Marlwood Academy for Girls. Ethereal, popular Mandy and her clique are plotting something dangerous. Lindsay overhears them performing strange rituals, and sees their eyes turn black. It doesn't help that the school itself is totally eerie, with ancient, dilapidated buildings tucked into the Northern California woods, a thick white fog swirling through campus. There are hidden passageways, odd reflections in the windows at night, and scariest of all is the vast lake rumored to have captured the ghost of a girl who drowned many years ago.

What Lindsay doesn't yet realize is that Mandy and her cohorts are becoming possessed by spirits who have haunted the school for two hundred years. Spirits who want someone dead...

And that someone is Lindsay 

I have wanted to read Possessions for as long as I can remember (meaning when I discovered it on Amazon, because I like to look at books for fun sometimes—but beside the point).  Possessions had all the major components required to create a scary horror story. Freaky boarding school that used to be an Asylum for Wayward girls (and has student room’s unlocked doors 24/7)? Check. Powerful Rich Girl Queen Bee? Check. Dead people? Checkito. Did the story scare the lovely young lady reviewing this novel? Occasionally. I will say that from the start of the novel (which included two quotes that creeped me out for reasons unknown) I was already hyped up to get my socks knocked off, because that happens when you get freaked out.

I will say that the main character and main antagonist, Lindsay and Mandy, are pretty unforgettable in my mind. Lindsay, because she definitely changes the traditional heroine mold.  She was portrayed spunky, serious and willing to face the horrors that might be waiting within Marlwood. Also, Lindsay was one of the characters that seemed to still have a spine and soul and seemed very “real” compared to some of the rich girls who came off shallow and stupid. Mandy, on the other hand, was devious, a traitor and the ultimate toxic friend (don’t know what that is? Google is your friend).

She was one of those characters that were just created for you to hate, she waved her money and good looks around and could talk about you behind your back and then smile to your face, pretending that you two are still two peas in a pod… Let us not forget the part where Mandy is possessed and also in love with her literally crazy brother (Incest alert).

But all in all, both of the characters were total opposites of each other and I was thinking “whoa nice one” loved that bit most of all.

Thanks to author Nancy Holder, I was more than able to feel the emotions that came from Lindsay when she thought of the loss between her and her mother or the shame and sorrow that came from when she thought about her ex-toxic friend Jill and ex-boyfriend Riley hooking up in her own house. Main point is that I found it more than easy to gather emotion and to feel whatever it is that Holder wanted the reader to be feeling. Not to mention the way she described the creepy setting of Marlwood Academy and the strange apparition that would appear in Lindsay’s window.

The only real issue I had with the novel was that I felt that it took too long to become frightening and to reach the climax point. For most of the novel, I was hoping that something really horrific would happen, and when something horrific did take place I was kind of wishing that I wasn’t so tough because I didn’t really bat an eyelash. But other than that I was in love with the novel. That being said it totally lived up to my expectations and for that I am over the moon! Oh! And it sets itself up for a sequel (one of the three best types of endings, if you ask me). Overall a great read.

Same book, 2 covers.  Which one do you prefer?


Andrea @ Cozy Up said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh wow, definitely prefer the cover on the right side, it gives it a darker feel which after reading your review, is definitely needed. Great review, I love creepy books! This has everything it needs! Though I'm sorry to hear that it took longer than expected to get to the climax. But it sounds amazing none the less!

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