Friday, February 10, 2012

The Four Letters of Love by Nadina Boun Tour Blitz

Thanks for stopping by for my stop for The Four Letters Of Love by Nadina Boun Tour Blitz!

"The Four Letters of Love" describes love in various forms
as seen by the poet; through a lover's eyes, a warrior's heart,
a stranger's quest, a dreamer's mind,
in the form of allegories, metaphors, quotes and fantasies.

The Space Between Us
 The space between us
where our hopes and dreams lay,
where our emotions and feelings surface,
where our fears and insecurities stand.
The space between us,
where laughter echoes,
where tears fill the gap,
where love pulls us closer,
where pain keeps us apart.

The space between us
is where we stand on different grounds,
the thoughts we share combined,

the space between us
is you and I,
together and apart.

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Leah said... Best Blogger Tips

I pass The Versatile Blogger Award on to you. Check it out:

ladystorm said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for featuring Nadina's book today!

Nadina said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you.

Elizabeth said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice post....stopping by from Nadina's Blog.



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kimba88 said... Best Blogger Tips

Sweet...thanks for sharing this :)

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