Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feature & Follow #19

Feature & Follow Friday is a book meme hosted by Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read.
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This week's question:
Q: Activity!!! Take a picture or describe where you love to read the most…

For myself, I love to read in bed...covers all around me...where it's nice and quiet and peaceful!
For Gabby, we have a couch with 2 reclining seats. 
You can always find her laid back with a book in hand. 
I'd take pics but both areas are occupied with people watching the hockey game!  lol

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caffeinejunkie said... Best Blogger Tips

Cool answers. I like to read anyplace I can get comfy. Lol. My FF:

Miss Vain's Paranormal Fantasy said... Best Blogger Tips

I love reading in bed as well!;) Great answer:)

I'm an old Linky & GFC follower btw

Happy Friday
My FF:

Ajoop. S said... Best Blogger Tips

I read in bed too, for the most part. :) New follower!

Fairytale Nerd said... Best Blogger Tips

Me too! I love to read in bed! But I also love reading on my bean bag!

New follower via Linky! Here's my Follow Friday Post

Happy weekend!
-JoAnne @ The Fairytale Nerd

Debdatta Dasgupta Sahay said... Best Blogger Tips

I love to read in the bed too...

Love the name of your blog!

New Follower -- courtesy of FF


Giselle said... Best Blogger Tips

Love reading in the bed but it can get uncomfortable fast! I have my big cozy lazy boy :D

Tribute Books Mama said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds comfortable.

Lu said... Best Blogger Tips

The bed is definitely a great place to read :)
Happy Friday!

Old Email follower.

-The Muggle

Cayce said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree, bed is nice and comfy.
Here's my FF:
GFC&Linky follower.

Charissa Books said... Best Blogger Tips

I love reading in my bed too(:
(I'm a new follower!)

Hellen said... Best Blogger Tips

I love reading in bed, too. Specially during the winter.

New follower!
Here's my FF

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