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The Pledge - Kimberly Derting

In a time where class is determined by the language you speak, where deceit and betrayal are common, and where only the girls were born to rule, seventeen year old Charlaina Hart (aka Charlie) is able to understand every language of every class. Though this may seem like gift, to Charlie and her family it is a deep secret that everyone must hide, at all costs.
During a night of freedom at an underground club, Charlie meets Max, a mysterious boy who she cannot stop thinking about. Is it his mysterious good looks, his cocky attitude, or the language he speaks that Charlie has not heard before? As the fate of the kingdom rests in the hands of an evil, aged queen in search of a successor to the throne, and a group of rebels determined to change the fate of the country, we follow the trials and tribulations of Charlie, her family, and her friends and see what part Charlie plays in this gripping novel.
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**This book was provided to us by Simon & Schuster.  We were in no way paid for our review. 
Our review was provided because we support the book and the author.**

I have no words! Ok, I have words but for dramatic effect, I have no words… I absolutely loved this book. First of all, (yay!) dystopian novel, and second of all, going to be a trilogy. Music to my ears! The Pledge was just … wow! I was totally and completely swept up in the storyline. I could not put it down. At first I thought that this was going to be a predictable storyline, but nope! I was thwarted time and time again. I found myself segregating myself from everyone in my house (sorry…) so that I could fully immerse myself into this book. I seriously could not stop reading. I was at a family function, and all I could think about was getting home to continue reading this book. I did a lot of nodding and smiling, let me tell you. I would lie awake thinking of everything that I read, and then stay up thinking of what could happen next.
What I loved…well, first the Prologue. It was beautifully written and left just enough in the end to leave the reader’s hungry for what’s to come. Derting is so imaginative in how she came up with the system of how people in this world got their names, and how class is determined by the language you speak. Derting weaves a believable description of what this world is like to live in. The fears that go through people’s minds, the reality of consequences, how deceit and deception are second nature to most, even to their own children, just to gain the Queen’s favor.
I also loved Max. Ahhhh Max. I admit that I was very much crushing on him. Something about his attitude, his mysterious ways and actions reminded me a little of Patch from “Hush, Hush”. I found myself smirking at things he would say, and pausing to imagine the little movements he would do, even the subtle ones, like whispering behind Charlie’s back (sigh…). And those six little words he left on a note for Charlie! Awwwwww… Just six words, but the meaning in those words were just so romantic. Sweeter than a lot of the poems out there.
Derting did a fantastic job encorporating the background and history of Ludania (Charlie’s world), whether it be by school textbooks, or thoughts. And her description of the invasion was perfectly written. It had so much detail that I could picture everything, see the events unfolding before my eyes. All I could think while this was happening was who would make it? What was going to happen? Where will they go? Who is going to help them? I felt like every page had a twist, or had a new secret to reveal. It was just so good!
I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good dystopian novel. This one has action, romance, deception, and the element of surprise. Pick this up and come meet Max, and see why you’ll be crushing on him too.

When I read the prologue for Kimberly Derting's The Pledge, I was thinking one thing: This is gonna be a good read. After all it's dystopia, nations are being ruled only by Queens or first born female heirs and I kind of thought that The Pledge would be great since it has the same author as The Body Finder series which I have just been dying to read. Anywho... The Pledge starts with a bang where we get to meet the Queen (She's pretty wicked, worse than the evil queen in Snow White), I thought that it would be a simple prologue like in most books where they didn't really need a prologue but put one in anyways...The Pledge is not one of those books. The Prologue enticed me and pulled me in, I immediately could not wait to begin reading the rest of the book. From the first chapter I already had a Hunger Games feel for the novel. Charlie's world is one that I probably won't forget, especially with how everybody is in a class which all depends on what language you speak.
Charlie, however, can understand all of the languages. I think that would be a pretty cool ability to have- to bad that if anybody finds out about what Charlie can do she'll be sent to the gallows or worse. I ended up finding myself zooming through the novel. I was so excited to see what happened next (especially when a chapter would be in a different character's POV), I even found myself shouting “What just happened?!” whenever some major twist was thrown into the story. A few parts were already predictable I mean I already saw the first major twist the moment I read that Queen Sabara was in need of a new host- I mean heir...
I found my emotions being twisted with every word I read, especially whenever I read about Max who is constantly near Charlie and has a secret that I never anticipated. Most of Charlie's relationships seemed very real like her friendships and the love she had for her family. The one relationship that Charlie has that I could relate to was the way she acted around her younger sister, Angelina, and how she's just so willing to keep her younger sister safe- something I understood since I would have been the same with my younger sister were I in Charlie's situation.
This is definitely on my top 10 list. Dystopia, zero democracy, queens and romance: I Pledge you'll love it.


kimba88 said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow..this looks good. I love it when a book leaves you speechless! thanks for sharing :)

Giselle said... Best Blogger Tips

Gah. Glad you enjoyed this more than I did. I wasn't very impressed with it but I seem to be in the minority :) Excellent reviews though.

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Mateja said... Best Blogger Tips

I really really need to read The Pledge. The Body Finder is one of my fave series and I love K.Derting's writing.

UK said... Best Blogger Tips

The Pledge is an intensely fantastic suspense ride. Kimberly Derting gave these characters so many intriguing secrets I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to find them all out. I also love the ending in The Pledge. Just when I thought, okay, this is good; everything works out everybody¿s happy . . . BAM! Derting throws an evil twist, and there¿s one more secret, no happily ever after. Yet. I also like that this was Queendom. Yeah, that was a differences I really enjoyed after reading about kingdoms.

Luxembourg said... Best Blogger Tips

I didn't necessarily connect with the characters, which is another reason I'm looking forward to the sequel. They were interesting and intriguing, with some twists I didn't see coming, but no deep connection - yet!

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