Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Forest of Hands and Teeth - Carrie Ryan

In a town ruled by the Sisterhood and surrounded by a forest consumed by the walking dead, Mary must decide between a life of freedom or a life chosen for her by the Sisterhood.  But when a breach occurs in town by the creatures that lurk in the forest, Mary is forced to face her darkest fears and find the strength and courage within herself to lead not only herself but those closest to her to a safety only rumored to exist.

The Forest of Hands and Teeth is the first novel of Carrie Ryan's post-apocolyptic Trilogy of strength, love, and triumph. From the very first few paragraphs, I was consumed into this world of death and hope. Carrie Ryan does a phenominal job of describing Mary's world, thus allowing the reader to dwelve further into her novel. You can't help but feel what Mary, the main character, must go through in deciding her fate, and those of her friends and loved ones.
Carrie Ryan's writing style kept me from putting the book down. I could hear every branch snap as Mary is running through the forest. I could invision her clothes snagging on the branches of the trees. I could hear the incesant moaning of the undead scattered throughout the forest. At different points throughout the book, my heart quickened with the suspense relayed through the author's words. I stayed up many a night to continue reading this fantastic book. It ended just as quickly as it started. The merging of horror, suspense and love was done to perfection leaving the readers longing for the next installment.
Totally and completely recommend this entire series to all readers.  Get your feet wet with this first novel and I dare you to not crave the next two.

 The first novel in the Forest of Hand and Teeth trilogy (is it just me or have we been doing alot of trilogy's lately?) Carrie Ryan introduces the reader to a post- apocolyptic world, where the main character Mary lives in a town that very well may be the last existing part of mankind. Though Mary lives in a town that is ruled by the sisterhood, like many in her town, Mary is not allowed to go past the gates for beyond the gates lies a forest full of the undead.
  At first I doubted that the novel had any potential but after reading the first three paragraphs of this novel I was taken. I was suddenly unable to put the story down and managed to finish it the same day I had bought it. The way Ryan wrote the story gave it a very fast pase, I was always wondering what was going to happen next. I have a strange fear of the living dead, so reading every little detail made me shiver and forced me to read on.
   I continued reading on and managed to feel each and every emotion that the main character Mary felt. I was also able to relate to some of the things that she experienced (boy trouble, jealousy, being forced to adapt to change, etc.). The one thing I found interesting about the entire novel is how Mary is forced to decide the fate of not only her own life but also the fates of those she loves. At different parts of this novel I could feel my heartbeat hasten,  I would yell at the characters in the book to do something (despite that a book can't hear me or yell back) whenever something thrilling would occur.
  All in all, a great read. It's definitly something to check out and I am positive that once you finish the first book in the trilogy you won't be able to resist the temptation to get the sequal.
  Now go and get it tiger!!!


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