Monday, October 03, 2011

Wake - Lisa McMann

Janie has been able to enter people's dreams, unwillingly for as long as she can remember. She's never told anybody about the ability she wishes she never had, afraid of what they might think of her. After thinking that she's seen every dream possible, Janie is thrown into a nightmare that she will not soon forget.

Dream walking… I’ve always had a fascination with dreams.  Have you ever wondered what other people dream about?  What their deepest and darkest secrets are?  What they desire most?  In “Wake”, it shows you the pro’s and the con’s of what having a gift like that would be like. 
Lisa McMann puts an interesting spin on this concept.  This was a great book.  I loved the details McMann put into the different dreams that main character, Janie Hannagan, walks into.  The drama, the suspense....Ooooo.  McMann does a fantastic job of showing the reader the struggles Janie goes through in her abilities, and her need to hide it from the people around here.  I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to enter a dream that you didn’t want to enter!  Like when Janie enters Cabel’s dreams.  Scarryyy!  Reminded me of
one of those horror movie bad guys (eeeek!).  And to be given the power and knowledge
to help people deal with those recurring nightmares. 
I know, I know…I’ve heard all about the “face your scary monster in your dream” and all will be well, but nuh uh, there’s no way I’d be able to do a face to face with Jason from Friday the 13thfame. (yes, he is my recurring nightmare *cry*) Creatively written, “Wake” is one of those stories that makes you really think back to dreams you’ve had and try to analyze what it all means.  Break out the dream book people! 

The exact minute you finally think you've read just about everything supernatural, under the moon BLAM! you end up getting blown away with Wake from author Lisa Mcmann. I wanted to read Wake ever since I found it accidentally on Amazon, at first I read the synopsis and thought to myself "huh, sounds interesting" and went straight to the bookstore to get it. I read the first page and the same though went through my head, I continued reading finding myself more and more fixed on the story.
   The entire story was different from most stories I've read, instead of it just pushing you into the main plot the book begins with different flashbacks from Janie's past. One of the few things I found interesting (Like in the Tithe review) was that Janie comes from a very different background than most main characters. She has no clue who her father is, her mother is an alchoholic and she has friends who aren't the best at being good. The other thing I found straight up cool in the story was how whenever somebody who is near Janie falls asleep, she is paralyzed and forced into the dream with them, learning their deepest, darkest secrets (a power I wouldn't mind at all).
  But Janie has been in a recurring nightmare only to learn that it belongs to the oh so very strange boy named Cable, his relationship with Janie almost had a twilight sort of feel except that for once there were no vampires. They even had a few things in common and he seemed real sweet, though sadly he's not my type of lead male character.  Oh well we can't have them all. The only issue I had with this novel was that it wasn't all that long, sadly I finished the novel almost three hours after I got it from the store.
  Totally recommend it.


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