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Remembrance - Michelle Madow (Book Review & Author Interview)

Today we are thrilled to review "REMEMBRANCE", a new book written by Michelle Madow.  Not only do you get to read the review(s) for this unbelievable novel, but we are also delighted  to have Michelle join us for a quick interview.  What a fantastic way for her fans to get to know Michelle on a more personal level!

1 - Do you believe in past lives, second chances, and soulmates?

I don’t personally believe in any of that, but it is fun to write about! That’s why I love fiction so much—anything is possible. 

2 - What was your favorite part in "Remembrance" that you really enjoyed writing about?

I loved writing the scene where Lizzie is with Drew in the car after the soccer game. It was an intense scene to write, and one of the first times they were alone together. Another of my favorites was the music box scene, because it was so sweet and romantic. I recently made a
blog post featuring a picture of the music box and a clip of the song, which you can check out by
clicking here

3 - Are any of your characters inspired by people you know?

 Nope—they all come from my imagination :)

4 - Any thoughts for a sequel to "Remembrance"? Or a follow-up novel?

For the holiday season I’m releasing a short story called Vengeance. During the week of October 17 I’ll be doing a cover reveal blog hop, where each day a blogger will feature a puzzle piece of the cover, a fun fact about Vengeance,and I will answer a question for them. Stay tuned at my blog or sign up for my email list to remain updated on which blogs to visit that week. I also just made a Goodreads page for Vengeance, so check it out and add it to your to-read list! 

5 - Any words of wisdom for aspiring authors?

Keep writing and don’t give up. Writing is a tough field to go into, because it’s filled with lots of rejection and sometimes harsh criticism. Always remember that it’s the people who stayed strong, believed in themselves, and kept pushing through who made it.
I love meeting new people who love books as much as I do, so please check out my website to add me on all your social media sites.

Thank you so much for having me at Chapter by Chapter!

Remembrance is available for purchase on Amazon,Barnes& Noble, Smashwords, and The Book Depository
And thank you Michelle for allowing us to read your book and take the time to be with us!  I see great things for you in the future! 

What a sweetie!  And now, what you've all been waiting for... On to the review!

 ** This book was provided to us by the author, and we were in no way paid for our review.  The review was done simply because we support and believe in the author's works**

Do you believe in destiny, second chances… soul mates?  Elizabeth Davenport was a regular girl –boyfriend, parties, shopping.  All that changed when Drew Carmichael transfers to Elizabeth’s high school.  Elizabeth feels an instant connection with Drew, and she can’t understand how that is possible. 
Visions of herself in another life haunt her and the only answers she can find are from Drew.  Is Drew somehow connected to her past?  Is that even a possibility? And what is he hiding?  Can Elizabeth keep her emotions for Drew in control, or risk losing the people she loves. Inspired by the video Love Story by Taylor Swift, Michelle Madow takes us on a journey of love, second chances and destiny.

The video that started it all!  Love Story - Taylor Swift

If you’ve ever asked the question “Is there such thing as a soul mate?” then this book is for you. It will open your eyes to this possibility. 
I can honestly say, I fell in love with this book after the intro. Secret rendezvous? (sigh) How could you not fall in love with Drew right at that moment?  I’m such a sucker for forbidden romance.  Madow has such an eye for detail.  For example, her descriptions of Elizabeth’s different sketches.  I could picture them in my mind as I was reading them.  I loved how Michelle Madow mixed in Elizabeth’s memories of the past, with events that were happening in the present.
Madow puts so much emotion into her characters, you can’t help but feel the hurt and disappointment Elizabeth feels when Drew constantly tells her to stay away from him.   Madow does a fantastic job of keeping the readers on their toes, wondering what the deal with Drew is.  Is he a good guy?  If so, why is he being such a jerk? I found myself saying out loud, to no one in particular, “OMG! What is your problem, man!”  And don’t EVEN get me started on Jeremy.  I love that I felt so much emotion for her characters.  The interaction between Drew and Elizabeth reminded me of how I felt on the first few dates with a guy I was really into. How you could totally tell how close in proximity you were by the heat radiating off his
arm, and how it’s so true how you can feel every single move he makes…shifting his arm…flexing his hand…scratching his…well you get the idea!  And awwwwww at the movie scene!  You’ll have to read it to know what I mean, but you will awwwww too!
I did have to break out the tissue (seriously!).  The scene in the music room brought tears to my eyes.  It took me back to high school.  I was literally her (or she was me? Hmmm). 
It was also over a guy.  I remember feeling what Elizabeth was feeling, asking myself similar questions, re-enacting the same scenes in my head.  It was so heart breaking because at this point in the book, I could totally and completely relate to Elizabeth.  I mean, who hasn’t had a guy who they thought was their soul mate?  Or who was totally into a guy who was being a complete  jerk to you?
I would recommend this book to anyone who loves romance, who isn’t embarrassed of talking to their book, or is in search of their soul mate.  Michelle Madow will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride that you won’t soon forget.  I am looking forward to see what she has in store for us in the future.

I fell in love with Remembrance the exact moment that Lizzy laid eyes on Drew and had her deja vu moment when their eyes meet *Sighs*, the very second I read what Lizzy thought when she sees him I was hooked. At the beginning of the novel I was annoyed slightly, mainly because her boyfriend is such a JERK!!! of course, when you read a novel and you recognize the personality of a character it means you really got into the writing. I stayed on my computer all weekend reading debut author Michelle Madow's beautiful creation Remembrance.  At first, when I read the synopsis I thought it would be like The Immortals series but *face palm* I really need to stop making assumptions about stories being similar.
        I thought that it was super cool that the novel was inspired by Taylor Swift's “Love Song” music video.  I love both the song and the video and thought that if she managed to pull it off properly it would be the best thing ever. Well guess what... She totally pulled it off.  It was one of the best things I've ever read!  I literally haven't been so addicted to a novel since I read Twilight. I wasn't able to stop reading without wondering what would happen next. I had to know what would happen or I would end up sitting on the couch thinking about all the possibilities. The whole story was just *pulls at hair on both sides of head* Tseeeeee (like a hiss with a T) !!! Amazing. The way Madow's writing style managed to stir so much emotion in me was shocking, I was continuously rolling my eyes at Liz's boyfriend Jeremy who is such a JERK! (I feel like I've said that already). Or I would be upset whenever Chelsea would try to romantically advance on Drew and I nearly cried every time Drew would be mean to Liz for no exact reason.
  Speaking of Drew, I haven't felt so attracted to a fictional character since Hush, Hush's, Patch. He just had that bad boy flare that's so hard to resist especially with how well described he was, I could almost imagine that I was staring into those golden flecked eyes... Anyway um back to the review! I think that this was one of the best things that I have ever read (I feel like I've said that already too but hey it's true!), it's beautifully told from the first sentence to the very last and that you should definitely check it out if your a fan of romance and second chances :)


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