Saturday, October 01, 2011

Crusade - Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie

Jenn has spent the past two years of her life as a hunter, dedicated to defending humanity from the Cursed Ones . . . or die trying. Jenn is suddenly forced to return home to San Francisco only to learn that it is a stronghold for the Cursed Ones. Far from her team of hunters and her vampire partner, Antonio, Jenn is on her own in a city where being a lone hunter means serious danger. To make matters worse, Jenn is betrayed by somebody she always believed she could trust, unsure of who or what to believe Jenn must find the courage and strength within herself to survive., or succumb to the very things she fights to defeat.

My daughter recommended this book to me.  She kept on me, week after week, asking if I had read it, or if I had even started it, and I would just put it off.  I had finished reading the Vampire Academy series and thought that this looked like it would be to similar and wouldn't stand out for me after devouring the VA books.
I was wrong (shakes head).  This book was great.  From the beginning of the first chapter, Crusade grabs your attention.  It played with your senses, of needing to hide to live, of needing to be quiet to not be found.  Holder and Viguie paint a believable dark time and place.  Their attention to detail leaves the reader wanting . . .wanting to know what is going to happen, are Jenn and Antonio ever going to be together, will Jenn ever be safe and who can she trust?  Their descriptions of the fight scenes are perfectly done, enveloping you deeper into the world of the Salamanca.  The introductions with the other characters in the book were done really well, developed as the book progressed.
Another one for fans of the vampire, supernatural genre.  You get alittle bit of wolf, a little bit of vamp, and everything else in between. Buffy & Angel enthusiasts will love this book.  I mean, hellooooo!  A girl who can kick butt - check, a moody, weight of the world on his shoulder attitude vampire - check. 
Betrayal + romance + action = must read!  I was pleasantly surprised.

The moment you think that you finally know just about EVERYTHING about vampires and the vampire world you end up coming across Crusade by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie, two of my favorite authors. The same two women who wrote the Wicked series. The second you read the opening sentance of Crusade your hooked, it's irresistable and lures you in, hook line and sinker. I loved the idea of the world being taken over by vampires or Cursed Ones as they put it in the story, to give the story an even better feel the vampires out number us a and only a few humans stand to fight against them.
  That's where Jenn and the Salamanca Hunters come in, you would think that all of them are normal humans right? Well that's kind of true but not really. Almost all the member's of Jenn's team are anything but human, one of them's a witch, a werewolf and even a vampire who is later revealed to be her love interest. I fell in love with Antonio, especially since (like all hot vampire boys) he's fighting himself to protect Jenn from...Wait for it...himself! Then Jenn gets the phonecall home. At first  I assumed that this meant for the story to get boring, I mean a family reunion, really? No- don't even think about it like that, it only helped make the story more amazing. Less than forty- eight (I'm assuming of course) hours later Jenn is betrayed, causing some major drama and more reason for her to have her butt kicking skills.
  You won't be able to put down the novel, which flips from once character's perspective to the other. It's beautifully crafted and has characters who you won't be able to forget. I recommend this to anybody who wants a story with romance, action and the supernatural (who doesn't want that? If you don't... you might want to go to a doctor or something...).
The bestest thing about Crusade is that.... IT'S A TRILOGY!!!


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