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Low Red Moon - Ivy Devlin

Avery doesn't remember anything from the night of her parents murder even though she was there, the only thing Avery can recall is silver moving faster than the human eye can see. Avery wants to know what killed her parents but she can't bring herself to remember that dreadful night, now living with her Grandmother, Avery is trying to piece her life back together again. Then Avery meets Ben, she feels like she can trust him and isn't able to pull herself away from him but there's two things about Ben that Avery is afraid of: The flash of silver that she sees in his eyes- an inhuman silver and the fact that Ben is a werewolf who might also be unable to recall the night of the murder.
Avery needs to know what happened that night and learn what Ben really did...

What attracted me to read this book was . . . the cover! (stares at cover and sighs). It's so pretty! Yes, I'm such a girl, but I can't help it! It's so shiny, and pretty and RED. And don't get me started on the inside. Each chapter has a pretty tree, the word moon is red throughout the book, the pretty red forest footer...see! Everything is so pretty!
This book was a great read. A paranormal murder mystery, one of my favorite types, which didn't let me down. We are introduced to Avery Wood, your average teenager who has gone through the unthinkable...the death of her parents, and cannot remember a thing about it (except for the colour silver), and is now forced to live with her grandmother. A YA novel would NOT be complete without the mandatory sexy, tormented leading man. . . enter Ben. And of course, the fact that she now has a red streak in her which somehow due to her parents death has her targeted as being cursed. (not like Avery's life is stressful enough!)
Throughout Low Red Moon, the reader is left to wonder constantly throughout the book whether Ben (the now new love interest of our leading lady) is somehow connected with the death of her parents because his eyes remind her of the same silver she saw at thier death.
Devlin does a fantastic job of capturing the readers attention, and keeping them guessing throughout the entire book. I mean, seriously, the funnest part of a murder mystery is trying to figure out who did it before the book ends. Well my friends, this book will have you convincing yourself it's one characted, but then you will find yourself changing your mind again, and again, and again! (so fun!)
Not only are we swept up in the mystery, but Devlin does a phenomenal job of sweeping the reader up with the romance between Avery and Ben. (le sigh) Young love, ahhhh so sweet. I loved reading about how their relationship develops and how they overcome the hurtles that are thrown in their way. This book will make you gasp and sigh and smile.
I recommend this book to readers who love playing sleuth and reading about new love. Don't let this book slip through your fingers! A must read for any YA fan.

I loved Low Red Moon for three reasons: 1.) It was a murder mystery, 11.) It had werewolves and 111.) I did not know how it would end! I mean honeslty aren't those the best novels? When they aren't predicatable and you have no clue how things are going to turn out. I wish I could say that I wanted to get Low Red Moon because I saw it at the store and felt some sort of cosmic pull towards it- no sadly that's not how it worked. I looked at the back and saw that one of my favorite authors Melissa De La Cruz (She wrote the Blue Bloods saga) had checked it out and it looked like it sounded like a good and quick read. I expected it to progress slowly and have the word cliche written all over it, surprisingly it didnt, it starts out with a frightening opening sentance and tells us about the night of Avery's parents murder.
Already I was excited and continued reading, the one thing that caught my eye and made me smile was how the word Moon was colored in red whenever it was brought up. The novel begins to progress explaining how poor Avery doesn't remember anything from that horrible night except for the color silver moving inhumanly fast. Ivy Devlin's writing style sucessfully translated all of the emotions that Avery was feeling. I felt so sorry for her, I couldn't even fathom how much it would suck losing your parents then being forced to move in with a relative that you hardly know, then to make matters worse you end up having a crimson streak show up in your hair and everybody at school starts saying your cursed! Talk about your bad day. To lighten things up we get to meet Ben, attractive, mysterious Ben who's eyes sometimes appear silver. The same shade of silver that Avery saw the night of her parents murder, immediatly I assumed that Ben was there and probably killed her parents.
There done. End of Story. No, I'm just messing with you that's soooooo not even close to how everything works out. The minute you think that Ben's the murderer Officer Ron, friend to Avery's parents, starts throwing out names and the twists and turns begin. I loved the romance element in this novel, it kept up the fast pace that the novel was moving and it made my heart melt. Ben is just so intent on keeping Avery with him and keeping the fact that he's a werewolf secret from her. I fell in love with him a little bit (Sorry Patch...).
Low Red Moon has an ending that you won't be able to predict or forget, you'll be begging for a sequal.


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