Friday, September 30, 2011

City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments) - Cassandra Clare

Clary Fray was your typical teenager.  School, friends, partying.  Little did she know that when she witnesses a group of teens "murder" another teen at a club, whom they claim is a demon , that her life would change forever.  Clary soon discovers a world of vampires, werewolves, a secret society of demon hunters, and abilities she didn't know she even possessed.  Admidst the chaos of the underworld, Clary is drawn to Jace, a charming and irresistible Shadowhunter.  Will their relationship end before it even begins?

I came across these books right after I read Twilight.  I was so in love with Edward Cullen at the time, that I didn't think I would be able to find another book/trilogy that would even come close.  Boy, was I wrong.  Honestly, I enjoyed these books so much!  Probably even more than the Twilight Saga.  The world that Cassandra Clare opens is a reader's dream come true.  I thought that I would come across parts or chapters in the books that would've been just filler . . . no real need for them, only put in to make the book thicker (seriously!).  I didn't find that at all in these books.  Everything that Clare wrote had a reason.  It flowed with her writing, and needed to be included.  The twists and turns throughout the novel (and the series) were enough to keep the readers wanting more.  Needing to know what Cassandra Clare could possibly come up with next to top the last shocker she threw at us.
And then there's Jace . . . Yes, my love affair with Edward ended soon after.  Jace was all I thought about.  His "I don't care" attitude, his "not so knight in shining armor" ways, his blunt answers that leave you giggling out loud (honest! I caught myself doing it many times).  I don't really don't think there is a woman alive who can resist his charm.
This book/trilogy was bloody brilliant (cue the English acccent).  I loved every page, every chapter, every word.  If you love supernatural fantasy books, I recommend you pick these up, snuggle up in a blanket, and turn the lights down low.  You're in for a treat!  Cheers!

I was introduced to the Mortal Instruments by my mother. To be honest I thought that the plot sounded ridiculous, but this was before I read the stories of course. After finishing the first two chapters I noticed that this was absolutaly not ridiculous and that it was probably one of the best things I've read in my whole life.
  The Mortal Instruments series has almost every supernatural creature in the book, from fanged and suave vampires to witches or warlocks. The one thing I loved about the stories was the struggle that Clary has, not only with her almost endless search for her mother in the first novel, but also her romance with the HAWT shadowhunter Jace Lightwood. The one thing that Cassandra Clare did very well, was her ability to put so many details in her works, especially with how nearly everything was fictional. I could feel what Clary did when she gets the thrilling phone call from her mother, or when she becomes a witness to the world of the Shadowhunters.
  The best, best, best thing about City of Bones was how Clary learns about the dark secrets her mother kept from her and how they are connected to the big bad guy in the series Valentine who was a connection with Clary that you won't see coming until the end.
  I recommend this to anybody who wants to read something that they'll never forget, especially when that something has the entire supernatural world put into a single book.
  Trust me and just. Get. It.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Strange Angels - Lili St. Crow

After Dru's father comes home "dead", Dru is left with the task to kill the only home she knew.  With the supernatural constantly hot on her trail, and two boys vying for her attention, Dru must use her wits and training to survive and outsmart the evil that is after her, and come face to face with a secret clouded by death.  Who will she trust?  Where can she go?  How will she survive?

If you are a fan of the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" television show, you are going to love this series by Lili St. Crow.  This is not your typical girl has tradegy, enter boy, fall in love kind of story. This book (heck, the entire series!) is an action packed adventure., chock full of girl power.  Fans of "The Vampire Academy" book series will appreciate the continuity of information St. Crow uses in her novels.  You'll have to check out those books to to understand.  Describing it may give away events related to this book, and I don't want to spoil the fun!
St. Crow does a great job of getting the reader into the mind of main character, Dru Anderson.  During a fight with whatever creature comes, the reader is treated to a play by play of commentary in the mind of Dru, complete with pep talks and witty comments.
Lili St. Crow's writing style is simply one word . . . ADDICTIVE!  I flew through these books like there was no tomorrow.   The characters in the book(s) are genuine, and the interactions they have with each other are memorable.  The twists and turns St. Crow incorporates into this series provide an enjoyable reading experience.  I can totally and completely see this series becoming a television series, or possibly . . . a movie? 
A must have for any fan of the vampire genre.  Pick up this book and get lost in the world of Dru Anderson, where your zombie turned father comes back to kill you, and you have to choose between a newly turned werewolf and a sexy half-breed vampire.
Who will you choose? 
Team Christophe!

When I came across the Strange Angels novels I had been so obsessed with getting to the bookstore and reading them. Mainly because I made the mistake of watching the trailer (which is found above, of course I found it on a different accident and by accident), I had been going through a dystopia craze and expected that this would be one of those novels. From watching the trailer and not reading the synopsis what did you gather? That it was about some sort of apocolypse or am I the only person who got that?
  Either way I was disappointed when I read it and found out that this wasn't even close to what I imagined. I expected there to be more zombies, more cold blooded killing which would give the novel more psychotic fun. Instead it was something else entirely.
In Lili St. Crow's novel I found great emotion, especially in the scene where Drew ends up (spoiler alert!) gunning down her father. The entire novel is then more revolved around how she survives without her Dad, which sadly wasn't A. what I expected and B. the most awesome thing ever.
  I found that the entire Strange Angel novel was very detailed and was packed with action but was almost too full of mourning. Each page would mention some sort of sorrow or guilt from Drew and yes I understand that it would be completely normal BUT it does get annoying a small bit. The novel finally got good half past the middle, when suddenly (cue the spotlights!!!) Cristophe comes into the picture.
  I then found the novels like some sort of mix of Vampire Acadamy and Twilight which I enjoyed more than anything and so I would recommend this to fans of vampire novels and buffy the vampiresque novels.
  Give me an S-T-R-A-N-G-E--A-N-G-E-L-S what's that spell Strange Angels!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sisters Red - Jackson Pearce

A tale of two sisters, Scarlett and Rosie March.  One, a  strong and fierce hunter, on a mission to avenge their grandmother's death and protect her sister from the Fenris who live to kill and devour.  The other, a loyal and devoted sister, in search of a life outside of hunting Fenris, and on a mission of self discovery.  Will their relationship survive the strains of death, the knowledge of truth, and the complexities of love.

I adored this book.  Little Red Ridinghood - the remix!  Helloooooo!  I enjoyed the way Jackon Pearce went from the point of view of one sister, and then in the next chapter, told the story from the point of view of the other sister.  It was always interesting to hear the thoughts and views of the other sibling in the next chapter.
I did find the story a little predictable, but that did not stop me from thoroughly enjoying this story.  Jackson wove a convincing story of sisterly love.  You could sympathize with Rosie as she struggled with her desire to live a normal life, and the guilt she feels for wanting that life, knowing what sacrifices Scareltt made for her.
Pearce did a great job of describing, in vivid detail, the encounters and fight scenes with the Fenris.  It felt as though you were in the mind of the character, seeing what they see, hearing what they hear, strategizing right along side them.
The ending was done beautifully.  The back and forth lines of what each sister was doing was fantastic.  I could picture the movie in my mind . . . the split screen, showing the actions of what each sister was doing at that precise moment.  I ended the book with a smile . . . and interestingly enough, missing my sister!
I recommend this book to any reader who enjoys fairytale re-tellings with a twist.
"Cut! Scene! Smile!"

When I first began reading the Sisters Red, I thought that the beginning was very exciting, i'ts exectuted with action only to finish with sorrow. I can't deny that at first I found that Jackson Pearce's novel was something that I wouldn't forget. I had assumed that at first it would just simply be Little Red Riding Hood but with two girls, instead it was a dark fairytale that I wouldn't forget.
 I love, love, loved how Pierce made Scarlett so fiesty and dangerous. Especially with her injuries that only made this certain character better, on the other hand I did enjoy how she made Rosie. Though I thought that Rosie, being a little sister and all, should have been more supportive of her older sister's need to avenge their grandmother's murder. Of course this twist in my emotions only makes me notice how well written this piece is. I also didn't mind the character Silas, I found him very...uhm... intiguing, for lack of a better word ;).
  I also loved how, for once, somebody put a kind of twist on werewolves or Fenris which is what they are called in Sisters Red. I found that there was a new twist on them, including how a new werewolf is formed and brought into a pack. The Fenris sounded enticing, dark, and seductive. Something I couldn't help but find eyecatching.
  The only problem I had with this novel was how (at least I thought of it this way) obvious some parts were. I didn't think that there were many shocking twists, especially the ending which I totally saw coming, of course that may just be me since I am always good at predicting twists before they occur. That was one of my few problems with the novel, I also found that it wasn't all that realistic much. Sadly it isn't one of my favorite novels.
  But either way I did enjoy this novel, not as much as I hoped I could have but still enjoyed it none the less.
  I would reccomend this to anybody who wants a dark fairytale remake with two sisters, who both see things in different perspectives.
  Check it out, check it out.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Summoning (Darkest Power Trilogy) - Kelly Armstrong

As Chloe Saunders attempts to get her life on track after her mother's death, she finds her life turned upside down as she comes to terms with her power: The ability to see dead people.
  Forced to live in a group home by her aunt, Chloe must come to grips with her "gift, accept the "gifts" of her friends in Lyle House, and try to survive the hidden secrets that lie within.

When I first started reading this book, it was a slow and bumpy ride.  It read like your typical teenager type of story  . . . school, boys, fitting in.  Enter the ghosts.  Kelly Armstrong's discription of Chloe's encounter with the janitor was so frightening!  I was reading it before bed, and I freaked myself out.  FUN!!  Armstrong's writting style is very addicting.  She knows how to twist the plot and keep the reader guessing and yeanring for more.  There were certain points in these books that I think I forgot to blink, it was so intense.
After reading this series, I became a HUGE fan of Kelly Armstrong.  I fell in love with her characters.  And (hello!) love triangle . . . kinda sorta.  This series was brilliant, and I am so happy to have found it.  I was so sad when it all ended.  I was craving more.  I need my Derek fix!  Talk about a guy who has it all . . . brawn, sex appeal, knight in shining armor syndrome (minus the sweat problem).  I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys paranormal reads.  It has the perfect mixture of suspense, horror(ish), supernatural and love.
Pick this series up, and fear the janitor with me! :P

I wanted to read the darkest power books the moment I saw them on amazon. Reading the synopsis was enough to have me lured in, I mean it's pretty much my kind of story. Basically when I first read the synopsis I was thinking of all the great things that could be inside of the story such as the fact that:There's a girl who sees dead people (+1) that girl is sent to a home for "troubled" teenagers (+1) then she finds out that not all is what it seems (+1).
  When I began to read, I already found the story very original in it's own way. Most of the teen novels I read have a main character who is either a beautiful outcast or the sexy popular chick, but this girl was neither. Kelly Armstrong crafted a character who was totally relateable to most girls.  Reading the novel I found that nearly all of the characters were very real and easy to imagine, there were no "OMG, just imagine how hawt he must be" characters. They all had very real details, anyway back to the story.
  I thought that in the beginning the story did drag a bit but the second we see our first ghost we are thrown into a world that is beautifully crafted. I constantly found myself reading as though my eyes might fall out, I was either excited, afraid or freaking out over a thrilling scene.
  I found this novel to be a good read, and relates to teenage life. I'm so glad that at the time I had bought all 3 novels, because I finished all of them in one weekend and clawed my eyes out when I saw that that was the end of the series. But at least there's another series to start afterwards, it's set in the same world as the darkest power trilogy and it is titled "The Gathering" which is already in stores.
  I totally recommend this book if you want something enticing and realistic (at least as realistic as supernatural fiction can get).  Now go, go, go!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick

Nora Grey thought her life was that of a normal teenager, until she finds herself intrigued by a mysterious new student, Patch.  The more Nora tries to distance herself from him, but the nearness of him compels her and danger is never far behind.  Nora journey's to discover the secrets Patch holds, and how these secrets are somehow connected to her.

One word . . . Patch (swoon!) The way author, Becca Fitzpatrick, has her
characters interact makes the reader feel like they are right in the scene,
living the moments as they happen.  The way she portrays Patch, his moves, his mannerisms, his lines, his  . . . everything, I don't think there is anyone who can resist this character. 
Her writing style is easy to follow and so descriptive.  You can tell that she has an unbelieveable connection with her characters that makes them come to life. (I wouldn't mind having a Patch of my very own) . . . A movie in my mind (cue the music).
I loved this book and it's successor "Crescendo", and I am on pins and needles in anticipation for October 4, 2011 for the third book of this saga "Silence".
I dare you not to fall in love with Patch . . . it's innevitable!

When I first began reading Hush, Hush from author Becca Fitzpatrick I found that the start dragged. I mean honestly at first I thought that it had cliche written all over it, that it would be a simple: girl meets boy, girl tries to stay away from boy, girl can't resist then BANG she learns he isn't all that human.
  No. That- that doesn't happen. Sure the first few chapters were semi cliche but as the book progressed I found myself slowly becoming mystified by the story. Each time Nora met Patch I felt jealous (He's mine!) because Fitzpatrick has a unique writing style that made me more than able to see the plot playing out in my head. Before I reached halfway through the novel I found myself developing a crush on the strange, bad boy, Patch, while always thinking "yeah this could totally happen to me" whenever Nora found herself in some serious trouble. I think that reading this book gave me a whole new view on angels.
  I would totally recommend this to anybody (I told my friend about it and she's now about ready to marry the series.) I found it enjoyable. The second book in the Hush, Hush trilogy is Crescendo which has already been released. The third and final book in the trilogy is titled "Silence" and will be due for release on October 4th, 2011.
  Check them out, especially if you want to read a good supernatural romance that includes a particularly hot bad boy.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wither (The Chemical Garden Trilogy) - Lauren DeStefano

In a world driven by perfection, scientists struggle to find a cure for a plague of their own creation; A genetic time bomb where men live until the age of 25 and women until age 20.  At the age of 16, Rhine Ellery is forced into a life of luxery, where other girls are forced into a life of prostitution or death.  As a prisoner in her home, Rhine must bide her time in hopes of escaping a life from her husband Linden, a man who loves her, but whom she shares with two other wives, or flee with Gabriel, a man she loves and wants to spend the last remaining years of her life with.

 In this first book of The Chemical Garden Trilogy, I wasn't sure what to expect. It had a few things that peeked my interest a) Dystypia (yay!) b)beautiful cover and c) trilogy.  After reading this book, I kick myself for waiting so long to pick it up.  From the very first chapter, Lauren DeStefano immerses you into a world of poverty, lost hope, and death.  DeStefano's writing style easily allows the reader to get lost in this world she created.  I found myself hoping the main character, Rhine, would choose the wrong man even though I knew she should be with the other.  As each chapter ended, I couldn't help but start the next to see what was going to happen next.  This was one of those books that kept me up later than I should be.  I couldn't put it down.  I would lay awake after, playing out different things that could happen in the next chapters ahead, which then forced me to click the light back on, and read a few more pages.
The second book "Fever", is due out in February 2012, and is not coming fast enough.  Lauren DeStefano is a promising author, and am so looking forward to how she is going to play out this trilogy.
Pick it up and get lost in this tragic world with me! 
You won't be disappointed.

In the first book in The Chemical Garden trilogy I already knew what the plot was going to be about, since I had been waiting for a couple of weeks for it to be released. Unlike my mother I didn't have any doubts in the story by it's cover. This novel had caught my eye for two reasons, one of them being that the plot is in dystopia. The other being that the idea was original, I mean how many novels have you read where the main character is aware that she only has a limited amount of time to live. This was a novel that I couldn't put down, I went to bed reading it, I read it when I walked from one class to the other and I nearly did everything with that book in hand. DeStefano drops you into a world full of tragedy, lost hope and death. She immerses you into a world where you never know what to expect next, each chapter forces you to delve deeper into the story. I continuosly found myself hoping that the main character Rhine would choose the same man I would... Linden.
  This is one of the best novels I've read this year, and from such a new break out author I couldn't be happier in the least bit. The only problem I had with the story was the fact that I now have to wait for the sequal Fever which will be released sometime in February of 2012.
  Give it a look, you won't regret it.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Forest of Hands and Teeth - Carrie Ryan

In a town ruled by the Sisterhood and surrounded by a forest consumed by the walking dead, Mary must decide between a life of freedom or a life chosen for her by the Sisterhood.  But when a breach occurs in town by the creatures that lurk in the forest, Mary is forced to face her darkest fears and find the strength and courage within herself to lead not only herself but those closest to her to a safety only rumored to exist.

The Forest of Hands and Teeth is the first novel of Carrie Ryan's post-apocolyptic Trilogy of strength, love, and triumph. From the very first few paragraphs, I was consumed into this world of death and hope. Carrie Ryan does a phenominal job of describing Mary's world, thus allowing the reader to dwelve further into her novel. You can't help but feel what Mary, the main character, must go through in deciding her fate, and those of her friends and loved ones.
Carrie Ryan's writing style kept me from putting the book down. I could hear every branch snap as Mary is running through the forest. I could invision her clothes snagging on the branches of the trees. I could hear the incesant moaning of the undead scattered throughout the forest. At different points throughout the book, my heart quickened with the suspense relayed through the author's words. I stayed up many a night to continue reading this fantastic book. It ended just as quickly as it started. The merging of horror, suspense and love was done to perfection leaving the readers longing for the next installment.
Totally and completely recommend this entire series to all readers.  Get your feet wet with this first novel and I dare you to not crave the next two.

 The first novel in the Forest of Hand and Teeth trilogy (is it just me or have we been doing alot of trilogy's lately?) Carrie Ryan introduces the reader to a post- apocolyptic world, where the main character Mary lives in a town that very well may be the last existing part of mankind. Though Mary lives in a town that is ruled by the sisterhood, like many in her town, Mary is not allowed to go past the gates for beyond the gates lies a forest full of the undead.
  At first I doubted that the novel had any potential but after reading the first three paragraphs of this novel I was taken. I was suddenly unable to put the story down and managed to finish it the same day I had bought it. The way Ryan wrote the story gave it a very fast pase, I was always wondering what was going to happen next. I have a strange fear of the living dead, so reading every little detail made me shiver and forced me to read on.
   I continued reading on and managed to feel each and every emotion that the main character Mary felt. I was also able to relate to some of the things that she experienced (boy trouble, jealousy, being forced to adapt to change, etc.). The one thing I found interesting about the entire novel is how Mary is forced to decide the fate of not only her own life but also the fates of those she loves. At different parts of this novel I could feel my heartbeat hasten,  I would yell at the characters in the book to do something (despite that a book can't hear me or yell back) whenever something thrilling would occur.
  All in all, a great read. It's definitly something to check out and I am positive that once you finish the first book in the trilogy you won't be able to resist the temptation to get the sequal.
  Now go and get it tiger!!!

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